02 October, 2010


Commonwealth Youth Forum
Kuala Lumpur 2009
Recommendations and Observations

1. Relevance, quality, accessbility and accountability
  • A recommendation that CW countries should put in their policies that within the next 10-15 years, every school and every student should have access to ICT in all countries( how far is this access being provided now? , what are the bottlenecks?)
  • Reviewing and standardizing examination patterns
  • Student should be involved in curriculum development and policy making up to the highest level (are students participating in educational governance?)
  • Access to information

2. School-to-work transition - preparing young people for productive citizenship
  • Focus on practical experience in the learning environment ( beyond theory in learning and testing)
  • Vocational and technical disciplines to be incorporated into the main system.
  • Career guidance (linking the university to career and income)
  • Co-curricula disciplines that allow for personal development, critical thinking skills and explorer spirit ( personal development )

3. The role of students in education
  • Encouragement of student councils
  • Transparency in educational and administrative policy- scholarship awarding processes specifically mentioned.
  • establishment of national youth councils and student bodies free form political interference ( a crying concern for student youth movements)
  • Encouraging student -teacher dialogue ( a new learning and engagement process based on equity bet student and teacher)
  • CW should develop standards for the governing of student bodies and organizations ( may even evolve from this workshop)
  • Open forum between students and the general public ( relevance of university establishment to the larger community setting )

4. Education and overall issues- respect and understanding
  • The role of education in socialization and instilling norms and values
  • Counsellors
  • Curriculum to develop respect and understanding ( reflecting diversity in identity and thought of student community)
  • Corporate funding for student exchange programmes
  • Community work as mandatory part of education process ( some faculties and departments in universities stronger in this)

source CYP Asia Centre "Regional Consultation on Student Youth Movement 2010"

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