20 August, 2010


salam and good morning :)

no MONEY no TALK something term or phrase we always hear everywhere everyday every minute every second. yes it is true that we cant do anything without money but can u sincere yourself to do something first using your own money to give something benefit to our society??
how can u do that in this modern society? nothing appear on your mind huh? haha we have your answer in here :)

Information Technology Youth Movement is the Non Government Organization Youth Movement that unite Youth in Malaysia in Information Technology Section

Established since 2007 under Malaysian Youth Act 2007 by Registration of Youth 2007 ( (ROY)

Our Vision is to be the Channel for Voice of Youth who is connecting us with the government Agencies .

Our Mission is to gather all Youth and The Youth Leader to be close to each other, not only socializing in the reality but also in the virtual.

Our Objective is to created Awareness on how we can contribute to Our Beloved Country by using the Free Element of Internet.

we are NGO that move without any funding from no Body just being ourself use the beautiful free elements in the internet to connect people out there trough facebook friendster skype yahoomessenger and blog spot to give and deliver the info about something and to make sure everybody got the message from our resource : )

we also providing free consultation on Information Technology to all of you out there especially children, youth and old folks to minimize digital divide because of different environment and lifestyle

Nobody are really trust us on the first time we say that we are Volunteer to help people out there without any commitment based on money... thats why the explanation are important in here..

Volunteer-ism is the main spirit you should have in mind... no Money no TALK just a term that not suitable to YOUTH development :)

be YOUTH and stay YOUTH :)


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