11 August, 2010

Student Youth Organisation

salam and good afternoon to all

Our topic of view today is about differences between STUDENT Youth organisation and YOUTH organisation in MALAYSIA. When we say about Student youth organisation,we will think about Student Council in universities/colleges which is in range of age between 18-25 years old while youth organisation in Malaysia are people between 16-40 years old. Basic difference in what i want to say is the community that they represent n their objective, mission n vission.

Back to the several years before this there have an act in Malaysia that state student of any universities/colleges in Malaysia are not allowed to active in Youth organisation. This statement of act are really make a big loss to our country where all the intelligence are student in university/college and they cannot make any decision to their youth development.

Student council organisation established because to manage campus organisations while Youth organisation are role as medium to youth communicate to each other and join programmes beside academic curriculum

There are also youth organisation established in University/college in Malaysia to educate student about their responsibilities toward youth developments.Both youth and student board organisation responsible to each other for both benefit and development because they are in same range of age.

Our aim as Youth Organisation in Malaysia is

To convince students university/college to active in youth organisation rather than just be active and concentrate in academic activities.

Youth Development are our own responsibilities.

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