31 August, 2010

Regional Consultation on Student Youth Movements Asia 2010

“Leading with integrity – Realising the Potential of Student Youth Leadership,”

Good evening,

Student Youth Movements have different specification objective in every country. That how this consultation will give my society Information Technology Youth Movement Malaysia ( ITYMM) chance to share our objective ,mission and vision and to all of you how we interact to student youth movement in our country using information technology medium.

On behalf Information Technology Youth Movement Malaysia ( ITYMM) i represent my movement as Student Representative in Malaysian Universities to convince our movement for student out there that we as youth are responsible to youth development in the country.

We are Non Government Organisation that moves without any funding from any corporate organisation, government Link Company, industrial company or our own government. We like to share our volunteerism concept and use the beautiful free elements in the internet to connect people out there through Facebook , Friendster , skype, yahoo messenger and blog spot to give and deliver information about the program plan by our ministry and to make sure everybody got the message from our resource.

With this consultation also, i can learn new tactic, style and knowledge from all representative from each country how their approach toward youth development and how they manage their student youth movement.

I hope that this Regional Consultation on Student Youth Movements 2010 can achieve their own mission and vision and realising the potential of Student Youth Leadership in Youth Development toward Country Development.

By Dzul Izzat bin Misnon ITYM MALAYSIA 31 Aug. 10

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